Arameans rejected us…let’s try in Africa


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Assyrian thief Minister sentenced to prison in Iraq



A Baghdad court sentenced former environment minister Sargon Lazar Slewa to two years in prison on Thursday for theft and corruption charges. Slewa was taken into custody following the ruling and fined around $300 000

Informed sources told that Sargon organized a scheme with his “Assyrian” comrades where he would siphon money for own profits and to support their media organizations.

They were working on on undermining patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako of the Chaldean Church via PR campaigns via Internet websites and TV programs. The reason was that the Assyrians find him “difficult” and he have constantly rejected the Assyrian ideology but kept on defending the Church’s Syriac roots

Not really a piece of news just a confirmation of something the majority of Iraqi Chaldeans are not aware of about the practices of these corrupt defunct Assyrian political movements.

Its funny that even in super corrupt Iraq he had to go. Anyway he will be replaced by another Assyrian “politician” thief to fill in their budget for their Assyrianization and falsification campaigns. Vote Assyrian and this is the result,

More information about this Assyrian thief


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Lost in Translation? unfortunately not…




Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)  issued a stamp as a show of appreciation for the the Christian communities living there. So the idea was to issue a stamp with Syriac letters and the “Assyrian” experts were called in. As usual the guys are always up to no good and this time was no exception…so they provided their expertise knowledge  and the result is as you seen in the picture above.

YES ladies and gentlemen, it is a true stamp, the bottom left corner says

 Assyrian Alphabet (English)

Syriac Alphabet (Kurdish)

Syriac Alphabet (Arabic)


how did this happen???? lol….its called Assyrian Magic. Let us update these desperate “Assyrians” with some knowledge.. it is like trying to Square peg in a round hole

You speak Aramaic, You Write Aramaic, Your Church is the East Syriac Nestorian Church (before the political rebranding) and you are Arameans.



The “Assyrian” approach to common sense, science and facts


So let us explain what is what, the stamps had Syriac Aramaic Alphabets printed


Syriac Aramaic Script Forms

maliciously translated Syriac to Assyrian. Just pick any dictionary……but NO in the “Assyrian” world, things operate on a different level…

Here are a couple of Arabic to English Dictionary to use in the future reference…..

  • Merriam-Webster’s Arabic-English Dictionary Bilingual Edition
  • Arabic-English Dictionary: The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic 4th Edition
  • Oxford Essential Arabic Dictionary Bilingual Edition
  • Al Mawrid (English-Arabic/ Arabic-English dictionary) dictionary) 5th Edition


Let us see what Google Translate says….


or type


what can we say….this fake “Assyrian” identity must build its existence on fake history and fake facts, lies and deception. When you think the “Assyrian”  desperation hit the bottom, these guys surprises you with a new low one

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the Syriac Aramean Nestorian’s aka “Assyrians”‘s grand plan

The “Assyrians” or better referred as Nestorian Syriac Arameans want to create an ethnic connection to  the defeated Assyrian empire. The master plan goes on falsifying all information sources available online since it does not require much academic credentials to edit articles on Wikipedia or create a spam site filled with their history nonsense.

The fact they also speak Syriac Aramaic bothers them so much that they are trying to come up with terms like “Assyrian” language and “Assyrian” Alphabet which is Syriac Aramaic language and alphabet

let see what the grand plan is for these “Assyrians”, it is to re-establish their “Assyrian” empire….yes guys in the Middle East


so far the “Assyrians” have already or will have to declare war against following:

  • the Arameans
  • Syriac Orthodox and Catholic Church
  • Chaldean Catholic Church
  • Arab Tribes
  • Kurds: PKK, YPG, PJAK, KDP, PUK a few more
  • ISIS
  • Al Qaeda
  • Ahrar Al Sham
  • Jabhat al-Nusra
  • remaning Jihadist movements in the world
  • Syrian Regime
  • Baath Arab Parties
  • Islamic republic of Iran
  • Republic of Turkey
  • Republic of Iraq
  • Arab world
  • Islamic World
  • 30+ Shiaa Militias: Mahdi Army,  Badr Organization, Hizbullah,  Asa’ib Ahlulhaq, Liwa’a Abul Fadl Al Abbas and few more

sorry I got to tired to type…..anyway you got the idea, I think what is missing is they declare a war against their fake “Assyrian” identity.

We suggest these guys to try establish a connection to Middle East first since the  “Assyrian” church or better known as Nestorian Church have its patriarchate in Chicago, Yes ladies and gentlemen, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

secondly once they have finished off all their enemies listed earlier and re-established their empire and they find themselves surrounded by enemy countries with no land, sea or airspace access…. but that should not be a problem, probably Elon Musk’s SpaceX or Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin space programs will provide the new “Assyrians” with space rockets to fly over enemy territory.

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Syrian Alawite Regime forces its flag on Kamishli Bombing’s Martyrs’s coffins


The Syrian Regime flags put on the coffins by force

The Alawite Regime of Bashar al Assad, forced the clergy of Syriac Orthodox church and the martyr’s families of the Kamishli bombing to put the flags of the al Assad regime on the coffins of the martyrs of Kamishli bombings. The Alawite regime of Bashar al Assad is trying to get the Christians dragged in Syria’s dirty sectarian civil war.

The former flag of Syrian Arab Republic always represented only its Arab citizens and not the Syriac Aramenas who do not share cultural, historical, ideological or linguistic common grounds with this Baathist Regime and especially not its Alawite sectarian regime now.



Syrian regime flags on the backgrounds of the Martyrs’ photos

Intelligence Agencies (Mukabarat) forced Syrian’s regime flags on the coffins and when the families protested there were threatened with questioning and imprisonment

An informed source told that that an Alawite regime official hinted that if the “Christians” are not cooperative,  future bombings in the area might be become more frequent

did the Alawite regime have a finger in the Qamishli bombing? Looking at Syrian’s regime CV from the Michel Samaha bomb smuggling and assassination plots, the bombing of Harriri and the made up story of “Abu Adas suicide bombing” and the recent bombing and assassination of General Wissam al-Hassan in Christian Neighborhood of Achrafieh in Beirut, this regime is more than qualified for these kinds of operations

syric flag.jpg

Flag of Syriac Aramean People



former Flag of Syria Arab Republic and current flag of Syrian Alawite regime


Syriac Aramean Flag

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Latest “Assyrian” offer 2 in 1 package: Civil Strife + Falsification

The “Assyrians” fascists added a new element to the bombings of the Kamishli tragedy, the fascist movement is trying to create tensions between the Kurds and Christians by blaming the kurds to be the conspirators behind the bombings. If you blame kurdish elements, where is your proof? Or you want to create civil strife because no one is buying your “Assyrian” ideology in the area



Not only do these “Assyrian” fascists, not have a meaningful presence in the Syria, only on Facebook pages and internet, they call the Martyred Syriac Arameans and Armenians for “Assyrians”.

We saw how Tal Tamer did not even put any resistance because there was no “Assyrian” resistance, but the “Assyrians” had to ask YPG for protection because they were not men enough to protect their women and children

The kurds are not obliged to protect the Christians, Christians must take take of their own protections.

To the “Assyrians” we ask, where is you army of Hamurabi? were are you flying Winged Bulls?. Now these fascist “Assyrians” have been exposed they will be dealt accordingly

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The Assyrian Graveyard diggers are busy in Kamishli

While the Christians in the city of Kamishli still have not buried their dead ones after the cowardly attacks, the Assyrian graveyard diggers have already baptized the dead ones to “Assyrians”.

The victims were from the Aramean Syriac Orthodox and Armenian Catholic and Orthodox communities. Would that have made a difference for a moment? Not at all for Assyrian Fascist Movement.

The Assyrian media falsification machinery have been busy deceiving the non-educated media into using the “Assyrian” name, bombarding Facebook pages with Assyrian falsifications, lying and deceiving non-stop, impressive efforts that would would even make Nazi-German propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels envy

God WILLING will the Arameans deal with the Muslim ISIS (Daesh) to later move on to deal the Christian ISIS, aka. Assyrian Fascist Movement, the wolf in sheep’s clothing

to all Aramean Syriac and Armenian Martyrs, REST IN PEACE and down with Assyrian fascism


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