Why was this site created?

We do believe today’s Arameans (Syriacs) and “Assyrians” people are one people.

That said, we have noticed that a small subgroup in the “Assyrian” community have been waging a systematic and well organized Assyrianization campaign on the internet and media in order to eliminate the Aramean (Syriac) people and history.

This blog have an aim to identify and document all such attempts on the internet and media. I wished I was not forced to start up this site and instead focusing my energy to combat the Arabization, Turkification  and Kurdification of our people but I have been noticing unprecedented Assyrianization internet and media campaigns launched against the Aramean (Syriac) which cannot be tolerated any longer.

This blog it is not a hatred launchpad against our “Assyrian” brothers and sisters and we will not tolerate any incitement against anyone.

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4 Responses to Why was this site created?

  1. Nahren says:

    I don’t understand why any hateful pages are made period. Throughout history Chaldeans and Syriacs are a sub group of the Assyrian identity. The national name and ethnic name is Assyrian. You’re exactly right, all of our people’s focus should be on the nekhrayes mission to eliminate our entire existence. Many YouTube videos and propaganda made against one of our people’s are most likely made by the enemy and not by the Assyrians. It is an old trick in the book to cause a conflict and that’s the best way to eliminate an entire ancient existence. Don’t be so quick to believe rubbish videos/comments/facebookpages, this is the root of the problem. The main reason why Assyrians had originally lost Mesopatamia and all of our people failed is because of our religious and political splits into multiple sub groups. They are all one nationality, historians and politicians laugh at our people to see the 3 different separations within ONE ethnicity and that’s why until today we have not got anywhere. This is the most childish and uneducated conflict that we shouldn’t have to be worrying about. Everyone should be putting their strength into real and meaningful missions like helping our community in a positive way by regaining our ethnic and indigenous rights in our native country. The Kurds and the Arabs are having a blast of gaining full ownership of our native lands while we’re bickering like children and pointing fingers at each other. Wake up people and make a change in the way you deal with things. Always remember if you’re Assyrian, or from the chaldean or Syriac churches, historically and legally we are ONE. We all derive from the ancient Assyrians who descend from the ancient Sumerians and Akkadians. We need to stop embarrassing ourselves in front of other nationalities. May God help us, Amen.

  2. Ashurbanipal says:

    The great empire of assyria died out 612-609 bc.
    800 years after they lost their identity and culture and they assimilated into other majoroties, Arameans, Chaldeans, Babylonians ETC.

    Regarding John Joseph Centre we read on the website of Franklin & Marshall College: The Joseph International Center was built in 2006, and named in honor of John Joseph Ph.D. ’50, inspired by the gratitude of his former student and building donor, Andrew J. Schindler ’72. Dr. Joseph, a native of Iraq, is a Lewis Audenreid Professor Emeritus of History

    Dutch version
    Few introductory remarks

    The apostate Arameans who in our days identify themselves with the former “Assyrians” of antiquity, a term invented by the Western spiritual colonial activities in the Middle-east in the 19th century, try by all means possible to force this fake name onto the Aramean nation. To achieve this they even made a monstrous covenant with the PKK and engaged in the path of terrorism to promote this unholy lie-name.

    The “Lost A” theory.

    The article in question deals with the theory which became known as the “lost A” theory. This theory sounds like this: the word “Syria” is abbreviation of “Assyria”. This abbreviation became into being, we are told, because the Greek alphabet does not contain a character which in English by approach sounds like “Sh”. In Turkish is this letter “Ş”, the corresponding sound in Aramaic would be the character Shin (ܫ letter 21) (In Aramaic however, Ashur is not spoken as “Sh” but as Athur, “th”).

    Because according to this theory the Greeks could not speak out “Assyrians” owing the aforementioned character in their alphabet, they omitted the letter “A” and finally the name “Assyrians” was abbreviated to “Syrioi/Syrians”.

    What is consequence of this? Well, the fallen Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” have exalted this theory to a god. Because by means of this theory you can “Assyrianize” all the Arameans. What you do is just to put back the preposition – A (the “lost” character) and you mould everything to your will. Thus: before “Syrians” you put back the “lost” A and you get “Assyrians”, before Syriac you put back the lost “A” and you get “Assyriac” etc.. etc..

    And this is exactly the reason that some of these terrorists have nestled themselves within the church councils and other organs of our nation and fool the people by screaming from the housetops saying “We are Syrians (Suryoye)”.

    Because many people are so backwards, they have no slightest idea of the intentions of these top swindlers who are infiltrated within the nation of which some of them even have been involved with recruitment and are responsible for killings. After all, when they say “We are Syrians (Suryoye in Aramaic)”, they automatically mean “Assyrians”.

    Shortcomings of this theory

    Not everybody of course agrees with this theory. Here below we will explain to you in few points the problems around this theory. This theory is invented by outsiders who were unaware of the Aramean Hidden Pearls and had also no access to the ancient Aramean historical writings. These writings are decisive as to the origin of our nation and certainly not the view of outsiders. Few remarks will be dropped about this matter:

    1. The Aramean recorded history.

    Every nation has its own historians/ elders/ scholars /wise men who either by oral traditions/ narrations/ customs/ prayers, or in written form have recorded some historical traces about the people in question. If you want to learn something about the identity of a people, you first should try make yourself known with the cultural backgrounds of such nations by learning their language to get access to the written sources or oral statements/traditions/customs passed on from generation to generation.

    In case of Aramean nation, there is plenty of sources available in the Aramean writings on the origin of our nation. Everybody who studied Aramaic, will have access to this writings, and understands immediately that our nation is Aramean and nothing else. It also becomes clear that the synonymy Arameans/Syrians are interchangeable and have certainly nothing to do with the word “Assyrians”. Another important point, neglected by the advocates of the “lost” – A theory, is that in Aramaic and Hebrew the words “Assyrians” and “Syrians” always as two distinct words with different meanings are mentioned and never as synonymy.

    As noted before, the theory “Syrians/Assyrians” is introduced by those who had no access to the Aramaic sources and here starts the problem. A outsider shows up with a theory concerning the origin of our nation without having studied the nation itself. That is impossible.

    Actually the theory “Syrians/Assyrians” is very simple refuted by the testimonies of the Aramean scholars who had access to the original sources, namely the competent scholars of the Syrian Church of Antioch who all testify of the Aramean origin of our nation.

    2. Mosul/Othur

    The apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” deliberately misinterpret some statements /quotes of the church fathers without willing to understand the reason behind certain statements. Here below we will explain what we mean:

    In the Aramaic literature the city of Mosul is called “Othur”, that is to say “Assur”. Someone coming from Mosul is therefore not called “Mosulian”, but a “Othuroyo”, that is to say “Assyrian”. This is well-known fact in the Aramaic writings and everybody who studied this understands immediately the reason behind that, no mistakes about it. Some bishops, monks, patriarchs of the East- Syrian as well as West- Syrian Church were from Mosul or from the environs of Mosul, like for example from Eski- Mosul, called in Aramaic Balad, for instance Patriarch Athanasius II of Balad. And how are this people sometimes being called? Not by the name “Mosulians”, but by the name “Assyrians”. And in the Middle-east it is customary to identify a person by referring to the place of his birth, being used as surname. As a matter of fact, this is still in use within our nation. How many times do not we say Yohannon from Bote (Yohannon U’Botoyo), or Isa from Midyat (Isa, U’Midyoyo), or Afrem from Kafro (Afrem U’Kafroyo), Lahdo from Arnas (Lahdo U’urnosoyo) etc.. etc..

    Patriarch Afrem Barsouwm for example came from Mosul. And how would he sometimes be called? Yes, good guess, Afrem Barsauwm the “Assyrian” and not Afrem Barsauwm the “Mosulian.” When he became Patriarch he visited Midyat (Tur Abdin). For this reason there is a stone above the entrance of St. Smuni Church in Midyat on which it is written “In the years…. Patriarch Afrem the Assyrian visited …..”

    Perhaps it may sound idiotic and ludicrous, yet the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” utterly misuse this kind of statements/texts to misguide and brainwash youngsters and “educate” their children with this horrible ideology. In particular this sort of text has been used to recruit youngster for terrorism to show that even some patriarchs call themselves “Assyrians”. And that is the reason that some of this terrorists use terms like “Assyrians- Suryoye- Chaldeans – Syriac- Aramaeans”. Because the main goal of these cheaters is to create confusion so that all the names will be accepted.

    Another point is, as we were informed, that some patriarchs and bishops who came from Mosul do not make secret of their love and pride for Mosul and have written songs/ hymns about it. In their songs/hymns they speak about “Othur” and not about “Mosul” in reference to their birthplace. For example songs like “Oh my proud Othur (= Assur), you give birth to so much scholars” are utterly misused by the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” to brainwash their children and youngsters to show that even their forefathers are proud of their “Assyrian” origin. And this kind of foolishness is being accepted like a good tasting cake. In all their associations, schools and meetings this kind of fallacies is being taught. As a matter of fact, we are dealing here with a sect.

    And that is also exactly the reason that the famous Patriarch Michael the Great says “The Assyrians are Syrians”. It is unbelievable how many times this quote of Patriarch Michael has been misused by the bandits to brainwash the youngster to the path of the lie.

    Strange question: Is there a relation between “Syrians/Assyrians”? After all the same Michael says “The kingdoms which have been established in antiquity by our race, (that of) the Aramaeans, namely the descendants of Aram, who were called Syrians”

    The kingdoms of antiquity established by the Aramean race? How about this? First he says that the “Assyrians” are “Syrians” and now he says that the kingdoms of antiquity were established by the Aramean race, that is to say the descendants of Aram who are called Syrians? How is it possible that this scholar of exceptional stature, who produced formidable works, contradicts himself?

    No, dear reader, we are dealing here with Mosul and its environs (Orthur in Aramaic), and that is why the Mosulians, that is to say the Assyrians, are also Syrians.

    3. The Aramean scholars denied.

    Not only do the advocates of this doubtful theory neglect the testimonies of brilliant Aramean historians, but because they have no access to the Aramean sources (or deliberately ignore them), they have no slightest idea on the view of the famous scholars like St. Afrem, St. Jacob of Sarug, Dionosius of Telmara, Jacob of Edessa, Dionosius Bar Salibi and many others towards the Greek body of thought of their era.

    Now, what would happen if you (let we say) for example would go to Jacob of Sarug or Dionosius of Telmara and would tell them that “the name Syrian you are using was given to you by the Greeks as abbreviation of Assyrian?”

    You may stay assured that somewhere in their commentaries they would have made a remark about this event, not to say that they would have devoted a complete and thorough analyze and would have utterly refuted. Why did they not make specifically any mention of it? Did not they had interest for the origin of their people? Did not they want to understand where this name came from? If indeed Syria would be abbreviation of Assyria, would not they have said anything about it? The Aramean scholars are renowned and their writings are being studied worldwide at renowned universities with respect and amazement. Is it reasonable that these famous scholars would remain silent?

  3. Ashurbanipal says:

    Syria versus Assyria

    The nationalists thought to be clever in using facile explanations to account for the singular lack of any consciousness among the Nestorians that they were really the descendants of Shalmanessar all those years. Clever ain’t bright…it’s just clever.

    The gambit of their’s I personally like best is the “Lost A” to explain that Assyria always existed, but was called Syria and the people of it “Syrians”. It was lost, we know not why, only to be “found” when needed. It’s a “deux ex machina”…a device of the gods, come in handy, just in time, to save the day…and as all such leaves an unsatisfactory taste behind it.

    Why would the “A” get lost in the first place? How do you misplace the first letter of such an important word? Why lose the “A” only…why not other letters as well? Why wasn’t the “H” lost in Ebrew? Why didn’t the “S” get lost in Asanian? Why didn’t the “C” get lost from Haldean? Why didn’t the Greeks call themselves the Reeks…or call the Arabians the Rabians…how come that “A” remained? Who lost it? Surely the first one to leave out the “A” from Assyrian could have been easily corrected…or fired from his job for being such a clumsy scribe as to lose letters. And why would everyone else accept this “loss” and go on making that loss permanent? If the Chinese had occupied the United States and taken to calling us Amelicans, does it stand to reason that the people themselves would adopt this usage? Why didn’t “Assyrian pride” manifest itself, at the least, by retaining its own name for itself?

    The Greeks get blamed for this. Their language, it is claimed, always loses the first “A” in words…but in the words of every other language they come in contact with? Did they call Adonis “Donis”? Was Pallas Athena known by her own people as Pallas Thena? That’s a singular way for this group of people, who are so lauded in every field of knowledge to behave. But would the descendants of the Assyrians themselves have adopted this usage…and why? Why did they start referring to themselves as Suraye instead of maintaining their pride as Ashuraye, or Atouraye?

    And when have there ever been Asuryoyos, that were rendered Suryoyos, thanks to their original and later lost “A”?

    The following quote might be helpful..or it might be discounted as the work of an “enemy”…an enemy graduated from Princeton University with a doctorate in Middle Eastern History…an enemy who taught at a major American college where he was professor Emeritus…an enemy who’s published books as well as articles…an enemy who’s been honored by his college and students by having a new International Studies building named for him…we should be so lucky to have more enemies like this …….

    “The designations Syria and Syrian were derived from Greek usage long before Christianity. When the Greeks became better acquainted with the Near East, especially after Alexander The Great overthrew the Achaemenian empire in the 4th century B.C., they restricted the name Syria to the lands west of the Euphrates.”

    Now why, if Suraye “always” really meant Ashuraye was only the land of the Arameans, in and around Damascus, called Syria and remain Syria all these centuries….why didn’t that name also embrace Mesopotamia, or Iraq rather? It’s odd that the name of the actual homeland of the Assyrians would lose that designation, while the lands of the Arameans would keep it, with the “Lost A”.

    But Syria and Syrian are the Greek versions, not of Assyria, but of Aram and Aramean….in the bible, when the Greek translation was made, the terms Syria and Syrian replaced Aram and Aramean….but Assyria and Assyrians remained. Why? If they really meant the same thing why did the bible make a distinction…why was there an Aram (Syria) side by side with an Assyria? If it was in Greek, and the Greeks are to be blamed for this usage, why did the Greek bible go on, with the “A” intact, calling the Assyrians, “Assyrians” and not Syrians…where in the Greek translation does it call Ashurbanipal a “Syrian” king? Why was Syrians used only for the people of Aram and later for the Arameans of geographical Assyria? ……………………………….

  4. Dmail says:

    This is such a stupid blog. You obviously don’t know who Assyrians are or what Assyrian even means. Syriac is a SCRIPT you idiot, not a nationality, ethnicity, or race. Arameans (like Chaldeans) are a religious sect WITHIN the Assyrian nation. No one is stealing history.

    It is people like you who mindlessly create these stupid ideas because they belong to groups and live with people who detest Assyrians as a group so they try to distinguish themselves as something completely different. Your attempts are laughable. How dare you claim that Assyrians are STEALING history when everything you point out is clearly a product of your own mind.

    Hey, it’s still good for a laugh though, for me and your ONE subscriber.

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