Secret WikiLeaks cable exposes the level of Assyrianization in the US administration

A Secret diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks, exposes the Assyrianization penetration level in the US administration.  Cable 09DAMASCUS389,  written by Chargé d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Damascus at that time, Maura Connelly, incorrectly refer to the  Syriac Orthodox Patriach , Ignatius Zakka I Iwas,  as “Assyrian” and  no less than seven times.

Patriarch of Antioch and All the East Supreme Head of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church

Syriac Orthodox Patriach Ignatus Zakka I Iwas referred to as "Assyrian"

The Assyrian Orthodox Attack

2. (SBU)  A priest in the Assyrian Orthodox Church delivered
the prepared speech of the Assyrian Orthodox Patriarch Mar
Zakka Ewas, who was unable to attend, before a packed
auditorium of more than 300 people.  The Patriarch's speech
lambasted the U.S. for having manipulated the events of 9/11
for political gain.  The U.S., he said, preferred the
"language of force" over the "language of diplomacy" in its
effort to "force its hegemony on the world and plunder the
world's resources." 

3. (SBU)  The speech blamed the U.S. for having failed both
to develop a cogent definition of "terrorism" and to
delineate between "terrorism" and "resistance," as the rest
of the international community had done.  In fact, he argued,
the U.S. had used "Islamic terrorism" as a "Trojan horse to
attack any part of the world it wanted."  Hoping to distance
the Christian church in Syria from its western counterparts,
the Patriarch called on Syrian Muslims to continue living in
harmony with their Christian brethren and to remember that
just as Islam did not equal terrorism, the West was not
exclusively representative of Christianity.

Maybe the patriarch should  spend more time spreading the knowledge about  the Aramean history and identity in US and for the US administration and less time playing Saladin al-Ayubi. The US have always provided freedom and shelter for people fleeing persecution, more than any Christian dhimmi living in Middle East would ever dream about.

It is well known that secret “Assyrian” groups operating from Chicago and inspired by crime boss Al Capone’s methodology have been investing huge amounts in PR and lobbying in USA in order to eradicate the Aramean identity.  The Assyrianization fascist ideology comes in a  “Christian”  cover which creates a reluctance among other Christians in confronting it .

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