Assyrian fascists falsifies Syriac road signs in the holy city of Jerusalem

Once again we regret to expose a new act of “Assyrian” fascist terror targeting the Aramean Syriac people. We have received information that agents of Assyrianization  movement have have been substituting Syriac road signs with “Assyrian” ones in the Holy city of Jerusalem .

These agents inspired and by totalitarian  fascist ideologies in the region e.g. Assad’s and Saddam’s Baath, are maliciously trying to erase all traces of the rich Syriac heritage with all disposable methods but this incident is new low record in “Assyrian” fascist movement .

Map of saint Markus Syriac orthodox church and the manipulated street sign

Assyrianization Assyrian sabotage against Syriac Aramean

Manipulated Syriac Street signs in the holy city of Jerusalem

The road  called “Syriac convent road” as showed in Arabic leads to Saint Markus Syriac Orthodox Church. The French, English and Hebrew versions of the sign  were substituted in order to imprint in mind of innocent people that Aramean is same as “Assyrian”

The English version have now temporarily been corrected and the rest will follow. This blog will keep on exposing and track down all facsist “Assyrian” movements all over the world.

detailed picture showing the Assyrian sabotage
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