Mikhail Yuhanna (ميخائيل يوحنا‎) a.k.a. Tariq Aziz

Mikhail Yuhanna, the former Iraqi foreign minister or better known as Tariq Aziz is one of the most famous Arabized figures of the Aramean community in Middle East and one who personifies dhimmitude as its best.

Mikhail Yuhanna (Tariq Aziz)

Mikhail or Tariq as he rather want to be called, comes from an Christian Aramean family and realized at young age that being a Christian and Aramean would not mean an easy life in the Middle East.  Rather than working for the Aramean’s rights, Mikhail changed his name, denied his identity, culture, religion and joined the Baath Arab fascist movement of Iraq.

Mikhail, Saddam and the rest of his fascist Arab comrades conspired against the people and succeeded in taking over the power in Iraq. Mikhail was rewarded with money and power for his efforts . Being driven by his own interests and benefits rather than any ideology, he was one of the first Iraqi officials surrendering to the American forces  in Iraq. Since his capture, he appeared many times on TV, a person very far from the arrogant cigar smoking Iraqi official the many people knew.

Pretending to be confused, old and weak, this con artist is trying to pull his last lie to escape the death sentence the Iraqi court have issued for his crimes against the people of Iraq. No matter of the outcome, Mikhail will always be remembered as the one who sold his people and religion and will end up in the dust bin of history

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