The Assyrian Graveyard diggers are busy in Kamishli

While the Christians in the city of Kamishli still have not buried their dead ones after the cowardly attacks, the Assyrian graveyard diggers have already baptized the dead ones to “Assyrians”.

The victims were from the Aramean Syriac Orthodox and Armenian Catholic and Orthodox communities. Would that have made a difference for a moment? Not at all for Assyrian Fascist Movement.

The Assyrian media falsification machinery have been busy deceiving the non-educated media into using the “Assyrian” name, bombarding Facebook pages with Assyrian falsifications, lying and deceiving non-stop, impressive efforts that would would even make Nazi-German propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels envy

God WILLING will the Arameans deal with the Muslim ISIS (Daesh) to later move on to deal the Christian ISIS, aka. Assyrian Fascist Movement, the wolf in sheep’s clothing

to all Aramean Syriac and Armenian Martyrs, REST IN PEACE and down with Assyrian fascism


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