Latest “Assyrian” offer 2 in 1 package: Civil Strife + Falsification

The “Assyrians” fascists added a new element to the bombings of the Kamishli tragedy, the fascist movement is trying to create tensions between the Kurds and Christians by blaming the kurds to be the conspirators behind the bombings. If you blame kurdish elements, where is your proof? Or you want to create civil strife because no one is buying your “Assyrian” ideology in the area



Not only do these “Assyrian” fascists, not have a meaningful presence in the Syria, only on Facebook pages and internet, they call the Martyred Syriac Arameans and Armenians for “Assyrians”.

We saw how Tal Tamer did not even put any resistance because there was no “Assyrian” resistance, but the “Assyrians” had to ask YPG for protection because they were not men enough to protect their women and children

The kurds are not obliged to protect the Christians, Christians must take take of their own protections.

To the “Assyrians” we ask, where is you army of Hamurabi? were are you flying Winged Bulls?. Now these fascist “Assyrians” have been exposed they will be dealt accordingly

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