Syrian Alawite Regime forces its flag on Kamishli Bombing’s Martyrs’s coffins


The Syrian Regime flags put on the coffins by force

The Alawite Regime of Bashar al Assad, forced the clergy of Syriac Orthodox church and the martyr’s families of the Kamishli bombing to put the flags of the al Assad regime on the coffins of the martyrs of Kamishli bombings. The Alawite regime of Bashar al Assad is trying to get the Christians dragged in Syria’s dirty sectarian civil war.

The former flag of Syrian Arab Republic always represented only its Arab citizens and not the Syriac Aramenas who do not share cultural, historical, ideological or linguistic common grounds with this Baathist Regime and especially not its Alawite sectarian regime now.



Syrian regime flags on the backgrounds of the Martyrs’ photos

Intelligence Agencies (Mukabarat) forced Syrian’s regime flags on the coffins and when the families protested there were threatened with questioning and imprisonment

An informed source told that that an Alawite regime official hinted that if the “Christians” are not cooperative,  future bombings in the area might be become more frequent

did the Alawite regime have a finger in the Qamishli bombing? Looking at Syrian’s regime CV from the Michel Samaha bomb smuggling and assassination plots, the bombing of Harriri and the made up story of “Abu Adas suicide bombing” and the recent bombing and assassination of General Wissam al-Hassan in Christian Neighborhood of Achrafieh in Beirut, this regime is more than qualified for these kinds of operations

syric flag.jpg

Flag of Syriac Aramean People



former Flag of Syria Arab Republic and current flag of Syrian Alawite regime


Syriac Aramean Flag

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