Lost in Translation? unfortunately not…




Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)  issued a stamp as a show of appreciation for the the Christian communities living there. So the idea was to issue a stamp with Syriac letters and the “Assyrian” experts were called in. As usual the guys are always up to no good and this time was no exception…so they provided their expertise knowledge  and the result is as you seen in the picture above.

YES ladies and gentlemen, it is a true stamp, the bottom left corner says

 Assyrian Alphabet (English)

Syriac Alphabet (Kurdish)

Syriac Alphabet (Arabic)


how did this happen???? lol….its called Assyrian Magic. Let us update these desperate “Assyrians” with some knowledge.. it is like trying to Square peg in a round hole

You speak Aramaic, You Write Aramaic, Your Church is the East Syriac Nestorian Church (before the political rebranding) and you are Arameans.



The “Assyrian” approach to common sense, science and facts


So let us explain what is what, the stamps had Syriac Aramaic Alphabets printed


Syriac Aramaic Script Forms

maliciously translated Syriac to Assyrian. Just pick any dictionary……but NO in the “Assyrian” world, things operate on a different level…

Here are a couple of Arabic to English Dictionary to use in the future reference…..

  • Merriam-Webster’s Arabic-English Dictionary Bilingual Edition
  • Arabic-English Dictionary: The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic 4th Edition
  • Oxford Essential Arabic Dictionary Bilingual Edition
  • Al Mawrid (English-Arabic/ Arabic-English dictionary) dictionary) 5th Edition


Let us see what Google Translate says….


or type bab.la


what can we say….this fake “Assyrian” identity must build its existence on fake history and fake facts, lies and deception. When you think the “Assyrian”  desperation hit the bottom, these guys surprises you with a new low one

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