Assyrian thief Minister sentenced to prison in Iraq



A Baghdad court sentenced former environment minister Sargon Lazar Slewa to two years in prison on Thursday for theft and corruption charges. Slewa was taken into custody following the ruling and fined around $300 000

Informed sources told that Sargon organized a scheme with his “Assyrian” comrades where he would siphon money for own profits and to support their media organizations.

They were working on on undermining patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako of the Chaldean Church via PR campaigns via Internet websites and TV programs. The reason was that the Assyrians find him “difficult” and he have constantly rejected the Assyrian ideology but kept on defending the Church’s Syriac roots

Not really a piece of news just a confirmation of something the majority of Iraqi Chaldeans are not aware of about the practices of these corrupt defunct Assyrian political movements.

Its funny that even in super corrupt Iraq he had to go. Anyway he will be replaced by another Assyrian “politician” thief to fill in their budget for their Assyrianization and falsification campaigns. Vote Assyrian and this is the result,

More information about this Assyrian thief


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