This site aims to combat the “Assyrian” Neo Fascism also known as Assyrianization which is practiced by a subgroup in the Aramaic “Assyrian”community.

The “Aramean (Syriac)- Chaldean-Assyrian” name conflict is a living problem which should be discussed in order to reach a common understanding.

Assyrianization is the practice of manipulating and distorting the history of the other ethnic groups mainly practiced against Arameans (Syriacs). Assyrianization also aims to manipulate Internet information sources, media and politicians in order to favor and adapt the “Assyrian” name for the Aramean community. A good example is the Assyrianization attempts practiced in new Iraq .

Contact email StopAssyrianizationNow@gmail.com


2 Responses to About

  1. Jroo says:

    You DISGUST me!!! This is all PROPAGANDA. How dare you write such false information… this is a blog for the lying and mentally disturbed.

  2. Ninoss says:

    You have a very misguided version of history. Assyrians have done more for the advancement of Mesopotamia than any other subgroup. What’s the difference if you call yourself Assyrian rather than Aramean? What have the Arameans done that you are so proud of? Besides, they are both of the same origin, past and present. You listen too much to church leaders. You should learn more about Assyrian history from historians and not clerics if you want to get better idea of who you are.

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