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Arameans rejected us…let’s try in Africa


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Assyrian thief Minister sentenced to prison in Iraq

  A Baghdad court sentenced former environment minister Sargon Lazar Slewa to two years in prison on Thursday for theft and corruption charges. Slewa was taken into custody following the ruling and fined around $300 000 Informed sources told that Sargon organized … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation? unfortunately not…

    Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)  issued a stamp as a show of appreciation for the the Christian communities living there. So the idea was to issue a stamp with Syriac letters and the “Assyrian” experts were called in. As … Continue reading

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the Syriac Aramean Nestorian’s aka “Assyrians”‘s grand plan

The “Assyrians” or better referred as Nestorian Syriac Arameans want to create an ethnic connection to  the defeated Assyrian empire. The master plan goes on falsifying all information sources available online since it does not require much academic credentials to edit … Continue reading

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Syrian Alawite Regime forces its flag on Kamishli Bombing’s Martyrs’s coffins

The Alawite Regime of Bashar al Assad, forced the clergy of Syriac Orthodox church and the martyr’s families of the Kamishli bombing to put the flags of the al Assad regime on the coffins of the martyrs of Kamishli bombings. … Continue reading

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Latest “Assyrian” offer 2 in 1 package: Civil Strife + Falsification

The “Assyrians” fascists added a new element to the bombings of the Kamishli tragedy, the fascist movement is trying to create tensions between the Kurds and Christians by blaming the kurds to be the conspirators behind the bombings. If you … Continue reading

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The Assyrian Graveyard diggers are busy in Kamishli

While the Christians in the city of Kamishli still have not buried their dead ones after the cowardly attacks, the Assyrian graveyard diggers have already baptized the dead ones to “Assyrians”. The victims were from the Aramean Syriac Orthodox and … Continue reading

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