the Syriac Aramean Nestorian’s aka “Assyrians”‘s grand plan

The “Assyrians” or better referred as Nestorian Syriac Arameans want to create an ethnic connection to  the defeated Assyrian empire. The master plan goes on falsifying all information sources available online since it does not require much academic credentials to edit articles on Wikipedia or create a spam site filled with their history nonsense.

The fact they also speak Syriac Aramaic bothers them so much that they are trying to come up with terms like “Assyrian” language and “Assyrian” Alphabet which is Syriac Aramaic language and alphabet

let see what the grand plan is for these “Assyrians”, it is to re-establish their “Assyrian” empire….yes guys in the Middle East


so far the “Assyrians” have already or will have to declare war against following:

  • the Arameans
  • Syriac Orthodox and Catholic Church
  • Chaldean Catholic Church
  • Arab Tribes
  • Kurds: PKK, YPG, PJAK, KDP, PUK a few more
  • ISIS
  • Al Qaeda
  • Ahrar Al Sham
  • Jabhat al-Nusra
  • remaning Jihadist movements in the world
  • Syrian Regime
  • Baath Arab Parties
  • Islamic republic of Iran
  • Republic of Turkey
  • Republic of Iraq
  • Arab world
  • Islamic World
  • 30+ Shiaa Militias: Mahdi Army,  Badr Organization, Hizbullah,  Asa’ib Ahlulhaq, Liwa’a Abul Fadl Al Abbas and few more

sorry I got to tired to type…..anyway you got the idea, I think what is missing is they declare a war against their fake “Assyrian” identity.

We suggest these guys to try establish a connection to Middle East first since the  “Assyrian” church or better known as Nestorian Church have its patriarchate in Chicago, Yes ladies and gentlemen, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

secondly once they have finished off all their enemies listed earlier and re-established their empire and they find themselves surrounded by enemy countries with no land, sea or airspace access…. but that should not be a problem, probably Elon Musk’s SpaceX or Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin space programs will provide the new “Assyrians” with space rockets to fly over enemy territory.

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